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Choosing the right Shoji Lamps for your space

October 27, 2009 | Category: Shoji Lamps | Total Read Time: 5 minutes

A beautiful Shoji Lamp is an important addition to a household. Japanese Shoji Lamps have been traditionally used to improve the ambiance of a room and contribute to it's Zen Decor. One of the characteristics of Japanese Shoji Lamps, is that they are easy to construct and require no screws or fixtures.

The Shoji Lamps have various designs on them that reflect the uniqueness of Japanese culture. So many aspects go into making perfect Japanese Shoji lamps such as the quality of the paper used, the finish of the wood, as well as the type of light that is placed within. As with all Japanese items, attention to detail is the most critical thing.

Shoji lamps in Different Shapes and Styles Have you ever thought of decorating your room with shoji lamps? We all crave for a different look and style statement. People around us are trying out innovative ways to give a new look to their sweet home. But the task is not that difficult. Shoji lamps are there to give a new dimension and appeal to any set up, be it home or office. They are popularly used as mood lighting. We just need to use our brains to make full use of these lamps.

You can search for the shoji lamps over the internet. They are available in various shapes and sizes and each one has got a different appeal. Shoji lamps are finely crafted from rice paper and bamboo strips and they come up in various forms like, round paper lamps, vertical floor lamps or even fancy table lamps. In fact, any lamp made out of rice paper fixed on bamboo canes is called a shoji lamp.

You can use the round paper shoji lamps which come up with intricate random bamboo strips to create a texture of shadows. In fact, I found these shoji lamps in a restaurant I visited last week for a family dinner. to celebrate the occasion. I realized that this restaurant is earning more with these shoji lamps.

They are either placed at the hallway or the corners of room or offices. The best ones are handcrafted by skilled artisans to ensure minimum imperfections. These lamps use two standard 60 watt bulbs which can be operated with on/ off foot peddle switch. Interestingly, the floor lamps themselves are a piece of stunning sculpture even when they are unlit.

The shoji lamps are pretty handy and we can place them wherever we want to see them according to their shapes. If we can get hold of some classic shoji table lamps, we can either place them on study tables or they can even be hanged from the walls. It is up to us how we can use the magic light illuminated through the white rice paper on the bamboo canes. The hanging shoji lamps are getting popular day by day. They are mostly used for office decorations. They can be hanged from anywhere and so, we do not have to worry about the space they will occupy.

We can also gift shoji lamps to the near and dear ones. Have you ever thought of picking up a teahouse shoji table lamp for your husband on your anniversary? We can actually gift our loved ones these lamps with magic glows.

Japanese décor items are getting popular primarily because we are sick and tired of the western ones and most importantly, we cannot ignore the charm of traditional and authentic Japanese aesthetics. Once we are in love with them, we will be picking up shoji lamps very often.

Types of Shoji Lamps

Traditional Japanese homes have exterior shutters called ama-do. These shutters are closed at night and during bad weather. Modern houses also have glass windows.

Shoji Table Lamps. This is a very nice lamp for mood lighting in a bedroom or as an accent. It is easy to assemble and well made for the price. The finish is not shiny or of very high quality, but it is very rugged and I'm pleased with my purchase. The company also delivered it quickly and it was packaged well. Shoji Table Lamps are available in solid honey oak wood or black finish and features special Warlon rice paper for strength and durability. Warlon is a durable rice paper with a small amount of paper fiber. It has a PVC resin laminated on each side and will not discolor, yellow or wrinkle over time.

Shoji Floor Lamps. This dramatic floor-standing lamp casts a unique presence wherever it is placed. Standing almost 6 feet tall, the Grand Emperor reigns with a soft but bright light bringing a timeless look of elegance to the home or office environment. 12" square by 72" high. Includes two light sockets (60 watts each).

Shoji Wall Lamps. Natural finish with arlon sheet. This indoor only unit must have a plug in wall connection or a sconce outlet like any wall mount unit. It does come with a traditional electrical cord to plug into a wall outlet, and is not hard wired. Please note there is a (2) two piece minimum. Dimensions:5" x 8" x 10.5" H.